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– Sommige mensen verliezen hun hoofd volledig bij het verkopen van een auto

– Sommige mensen verliezen hun hoofd volledig bij het verkopen van een auto

Many people own a car at some point in their lives and are then influenced by this week’s podcast topic, How to Sell Your Car.

Auto sales have been very active so far this year, with 207,411 changes of ownership completed by the end of May. That is 12 percent higher than last year around the same time, according to recent figures from the Road Traffic Information Council (OFV).

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Despite the recovery, May was a quiet month with 43,481 changes of ownership, 5.1 percent less than a year ago.

There are several ways you can sell a vehicle, including through a dealer, private individual, auction, commission or online dealer. The podcast guys offer their experiences and advice in this week’s episode.

Sell ​​yourself more profitably

Selling through a retailer, online player or exchange is often more expensive than selling yourself. By selling the car privately, you are left with the entire purchase price, but then you have to make do with the buyer who comes to you directly with all questions and critical looks.

Know that private sales can take some time. Some people go crazy when a car is sold and put it down for what it was worth when it was nearly new, says auto expert and podcast host Marius Morch-Larsen.

– The first tender is to be patient, and it follows Motor journalist at Finansavisen and co-host of Mile after Mile, Håkon Sæbø.

Mørch Larsen and Sæbø also point out new mats, good photos and several other tricks to make car sales easier in this week’s episode.

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